Crimean War

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    I admittedly know very little about the Crimean War, but I do know that the major countries involved were Russia, Britain and the Ottoman Empire. With that in mind, I have been wondering if any of the old issues that lead to this past war have influenced Putin's decision to steal the Crimea from Ukraine. Is there some history here that many of us don't know about?
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    You forgot to mention France as a belligerant, and give too much credit to the Turks.

    No, there is little to link events of 1854-55 to those of today. The historical blips of 1914-22 and 1941-45 disturbed the political fabric too much to allow 1854-55 filter through.

    Thanks for bringing up the topic.
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    I think it was a very complex and old ethnopolitical war in between the East vs West.
    Before the Civil War, in the name of trench warfare, it took no less than 200,000 lives in this Crimean War. You shouldn't forget the contribution of Sardinia too.
    Nicolas I was lost in thoughts for restoration of Constantinople, Black Sea etc., Tolstoy was in Sevastopol, Florence and her team, being the 1st medics (to me) was at Scutari, British must had been thinking to protect British-India .... a very very complex scenario for those days.
    I heard that soldiers used to sent letters back to their home and sometimes as per availability, been published in the local newspapers, may be first time in the history of journalism too. A dedicated journalism for those hard days!
    May be little, may not be great, as far as my knowledge goes I see that ethnopolitical conflicts traditionally going on round the Black Sea, wheather it for Nicolas I or Medvedev or for Putin, wheather it is for Tartars or for the Turks, currently the political turbulence round the Blac Sea, may be descending from the Past! I fear for how long I could see the Black Sea remains black ....
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    I did forget France, I admittedly have forgotten quite a few things as what I know of this war was picked up here and there. I did not really study it in any history class unfortunately.

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