Cpl George Stuart of the Calgary Highlanders in WW2

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    I'm researching my Cousin "Cpl George Stuart" (K67754) of the Calgary Highlanders during WW2, I do have the following Information:
    Cpl George Stuart (K67754) was wounded on the 8th of August, 1944. This would have occurred during Operation Totalize which as you note was the fighting South of Caen - in particular for The Calgary Highlanders, Bretteville-sur-Laize. We believe that George went up to Scotland after his wound was healed to train the "Commando's",
    don't know were he went up in Scotland to do the training?
    Can any one help me out with any WW2 War Diaries of the above Regiment Please?up till the end of August 1944 please! any info or photos,etc, I would be very grateful for any help.

    Thank You

    P.S. I found some of the above info just today!
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    If he is still alive he can obtain his own service file, free of charge. It is held by the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa. If he has been deceased more than 20 years then you can, upon presenting proof of death, obtain same:

    What to Search: Topics - Genealogy and Family History - Library and Archives Canada


    The War Diaries for all Canadian army units are also held by the LAC in Ottawa.

    Have you contacted the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Museum?:

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    Thank to you for all the great information,it has been a great help.


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