Could there every be another American civil war?

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by primalclaws1974, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. I was wondering if another civil war would be possible? I want to say that some laws (established by Lincoln, or others) had been written up, making it impossible for states to secede again, but that may be incorrect. Even if there is something in place, do you think that the states could seriously split anyway? From state to state we sometimes act like different countries, and even sure each other, like Nebraska and Oklahoma, who are suing Colorado because of their pot laws leaking weed into their borders.
  2. Interrogator#6

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    Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? I expect to be struck by lightning trice before another ACW.
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    I was actually thinking when I first read the topic of the post that because of the split on the legalization of marijuana between the states that it could happen. I don't think that it will, but it could. It's interesting to know that even if it is legalized at a state level, it is not legalized at a federal level, so federal governmental agents can still make an arrest for it. This could be reason enough to start a war.
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    I don't see a civil war due to pot coming soon, the advocates would just take a hit and decide that it is too much trouble and go raid the refrigerator for munchies.
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    That's funny. I'm a supporter that doesn't smoke though, so that's not necessarily true. LOL
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    ^ This, pretty much. It is theoretically possible, of course, but pretty unlikely. Particularly in the form and fashion as the first go around. Granted, who knows what the Republic will look like in 50 or a 100 years. But, for now, it is hard to imagine.

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