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    My Grandfather Fred Poskitt (1893-1969) was a regular in the Coldstream Guards for at least 7 years. He served four years in France. He was the regimental Colonel’s driver both before and during the war. The Colonel was married to the niece of Queen Mary and a part of Fred’s duties was to drive members of the Royal Family. He was a regular visitor to Buckingham Palace I assume when not in France.
    I would like to know the name of this officer who was married into Royalty.
    He may be higher rank than Colonel as during this period he must have been promoted.
    I am about to pay for the search for Fred (Charles) in the army records. I do have a name problem though as Fred was “adopted” in 1893 and called himself Charles or Charlie. His marriage certificate in 1918 to my Grandmother Lillian Florence Wiggins in 1918 is a mess as Fred signed “Charles Francis Poskitt” only having to change it to Fred a few weeks later. Lillian also served in the house of the Colonel and again was in service to the royals.
    Thanks for any advice in the search.

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