Clive Dunn - POW after Crete

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    Just watching a programme about Dad's Army. When discussing Cpl Jones, Clive Dunn suggested that he allowed himself a bit of 'revenge' for his 4 years as a POW. He was captured in Crete.

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    Clive Dunn

    Roxy missed the programme,(b***er it)but did Clive say which Regiment he served with.
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    He seems to have been imprisoned at Stalag XVIIIA at one point:

    Gunner Peter Trodden

    And he wrote the forward to this book, which seems to confirm the camp:

    THE JOY OF FREEDOM by Eric Fearnside. With a foreword Clive Dunn OBE of Dads Army Fame.

    Book Reviews

    And he served as

    Dad's Army News Archive - 1992 - Permission To Speak Sir? (Saga Magazine, February 1992) Clive Dunn Interview

    4th Queen's Own Hussars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Clive Dunn

    Thanks for that Kyt.

    Just another book to add to the list.

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