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    I had to start a new thread concerning the reports of the coalition forces killing civilians in the bombing runs. It's not that I like posting new threads necessarily but I didn't want to confuse civilian casualties with my thread regarding the implementing of Apache helicopters against ISIS.
    Who are the civilians? Are they the men and women in bed clothes with their faces covered shooting at people or are they men and women in bed clothes with their faces covered trying to defend themselves? I am not trying to be funny in any manner of the word. With the exception of small children there are no civilians when a war is being posed in your own back yard especially in this case. The "civilians" are either for the intruders and end up fighting with them, or they're against the intruders and are fighting against them. There is no such thing as standing on the median strip watching the traffic go both ways. Sooner or later one side or the other will kill you. They know that. Everyone in this conflict knows better than we what has to be done.
    So when ISIS publicizes that we killed x number of civilians, what they're really saying is that their psychological shield and enemy got caught in the cross fire. It doesn't make it much better knowing that, but it takes away the human shield part and defines who these civilians are. They're fighters and I hope God blesses them with more of our help.
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    So are you saying the women and children are working for ISIS or us? I'm unsure of what you're saying. I mean it wouldn't be the first time an army in a war have used women and children as a shield. That's the ugliness of the situation.
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    I kind of get what you are saying, but I agree with Gin, these kinds of groups use women and children as a shield. Considering how brutal they are, I don't think that everyone in those communities is really for them, even if they seem to not be against them. Women in Islamic society have so few rights and are so frequently abused I would think many of them are just trying to survive, they will say and do what they have to to survive.
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    Some people don't grasp the concept of what is happening because they are given very little resources in order to understand it. That is why it is so easy for sick bastards like the Kony guy in Africa to shield himself behind an army of young teenage boys. It's disgusting.

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