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Discussion in 'World War 1' started by morten, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. morten

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    Do citations exist for foreign awards such as the Croix de Guerre? I've an idea that I read that, on some occasions, a fixed amount of these awards were given to senior officers for distribution as they saw fit? Morten
  2. liverpool annie

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    Although the awards were announced in the London Gazette - no citations (which gave details to the public of why an award was given) ever appeared in WW1 !

    It's possible you may find the information in a Regimental history and possibly even a war diary but the most likely place would be the newspaper ( don't groan !! :rolleyes: ) ...... but if you can get the date from the Gazette that will make the job a bit easier !!

    Annie :)
  3. morten

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    Thanks Annie. I've decided to go back and look through my local papers once (?) more for additional information. I've only come across a couple of citations so far. Morten
  4. Roxy

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    Would GdeG citations not appear in France, rather than the LG?


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