Cigarettes and Matches in WWI

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  1. James Cripps

    James Cripps New Member

    Hey guys,

    Was wondering what were the more popular brands of cigarettes for troops in WWI. I am mainly interested in British and Australian troops. Was it common to use rollies? What matches were used?

    Any help would be fantastic.


  2. Diptangshu

    Diptangshu Active Member

    Aeroplane Brand match Boxes been popular and included in their ration[excluding cigarette] in the British infantry,as far as my knowledge goes.

    During War 1, most probably,American preferred rollies,mostly of OCB brand papers,but there was hardly any particular branded cigarette[Coffin Nails] been rationed by British War Dept[WW 1].
    Player's Navy Cut and Wild Woodbine remained popular in the infantry,as far as my knowledge goes.Pipes were common to the British Officers.
  3. James Cripps

    James Cripps New Member

    Thanks Diptangshu! Incredibly helpful. A couple of further questions, if I may:

    - Were Lucky Strike common amongst US troops?
    - Were the matches generally safety matches? Or was it varied?

    Thanks again

  4. Diptangshu

    Diptangshu Active Member

    Well,since you 've not mentioned the specific War/period you insearch of the specific brand,please visit here ,to have some good stuff.....Lucky Strike,during War 2..

    And for your Safety match boxes,mostly of them[Aeroplane Brand] were made of wooden boxes ,containing handmade safety sticks[War 1 era]. Some infantrymen preferd to keep it in metal boxes,as far as my knowledge goes.

    During War 2 Indian Sunrise Brand been provided by the War Dept,in their ORPs/General.

    Thanks a lot..
  5. James Cripps

    James Cripps New Member

    Thanks for this!

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