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    Cigarette Cards used to be so cool ... look at how good looking these are !! :)

    THE EAST LANCASHIRE REGIMENT -Service in Africa earned this regiment the Sphinx seen in their budge, awarded in 1801. They had been formed in 1702 to serve as marines, and their association with the sea lasted over a century, until 1814. Its officers still wear the marine cuff in mess dress. Disaster at sea has also figured in their history, as one battalion, after a brief but brilliant career, was lost in 1812 when two transport ships foundered at sea.

    THE RIFLE BRIGADE - After continental armies had shown the superiority of the rifle over the smooth bore musket, an Experimental Rifle Corps was formed in 1800 from men drawn from various regiments. This composite corps was put into the line as the 95th Foot. After the Waterloo campaign, the regiment was withdrawn from the line, and ultimately became the Rifle Brigade in 1861, and a glance at their tremendous list of honours will give an idea of their service.

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