Christmas Wreaths at National Cemetery, Gettysburg

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  1. Kate

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    The Sgt. Mac Memorial Foundation was founded in honor of Marine Sgt. Eric McColley killed in 2006. Foundation information can be found here:

    But I'm posting this because of what the Foundation did over the weekend at my beloved Gettysburg.

    Here's a YouTube showing the National Cemetery decorated with the wreaths. (Be advised that Marine Sgt. McColley's father does make an appeal for Foundation funds to continue this work, but I'm posting so ya'll can see the decorating job they did.)

    If you don't want to see the "live" decorating, I assume there are pictures on the 'Net from the Park Service.
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  2. preacherbob50

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    That is indeed wonderful Katie! I am surprised however, that someone hasn't come along and spoiled a great thing. I guess as long as the word Christmas isn't affiliated then no one will cry too heavily. Derned PCorrectness.

    Thank you for the look-see and the link. I'll look forward to see if the foundation has a problem with doing it again next year. Maybe, if not, they might just need a little help from some old folks who write alot.
  3. Kate

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    Yeah, I know... but I can't see that there would be a problem with it, truthfully. I am fortunate to live in an area where patriotism *DOES* still live, and I can walk into the grocery store and hear the Christmas carols of old that talk about the real meaning of Christmas.

    Hoping I'm close enough to Gettysburg for it to be the same there... and I know it is. The locals would have no part (a few years ago) in having a casino built close to the battlefield and fought it tooth and nail until the casino people picked up their blocks and went home.

    The country needs a resurgence of patriotism. I'd suggest everyone visit one of the Civil War battlefields for starters... might be a good start, yes?
  4. preacherbob50

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    I can't think of a better way to re-ignite something that should have already been lit all of this time. It's a shame the way things are swinging. The eyes and ears of everyone in the U.S. and abroad are seemingly focused on racial issues who's flames are being fanned by our president and his cronies. Kerry, who has upset relations with Israel and busy preaching global warming when he is supposed to Sec. of State......Not the weather bureau.

    I have to agree, patriotism is at an all time low. Burning the flag is in, the constitution is out.

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