Christmas before the Battle of Stones River.

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    In the waning days of 1862, Union and Confederate troops set up camp within earshot of one another in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Christmas had just passed, and for many of these battle-wearied young soldiers the holiday season was a melancholy reminder of the families and loved ones they'd left behind. Bands from both camps played patriotic songs in an attempt to raise spirits, a musical duel that presaged the bloody battle to come. Then, something extraordinary occurred. One of the bands began playing a popular sentimental tune called “Home Sweet Home.” Soon, bands from both sides picked up the tune, and before long thousands of Northern and Southern soldiers had joined together in song.
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    Well, a very good stuff and worth to read!
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    I find this very interesting. I think that it goes to show that even though they were fighting a war against each other, we have always been one nation, and there were still somethings that could be agreed upon. This is a very touching post. Thank you for sharing.
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