Chems in Iraq

Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by preacherbob50, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. preacherbob50

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    15 October 2014
    Today in the news, (I am so not laughing) they said that the pentagon has been keeping some chem weapons they found in 2008 under wraps. Seventeen of our troops were affected by them after they dug them up, still, nothing was said about it.
    It's wierd that the pentagon would let G. Bush take a beating because it was said that no Chems were found during his administration. If I remember right, the use and storage of chemical weapons (wmd's) by the Sadam regime was one of the reasons given for us being there in the first place. When it was reported that there were no WMD's in Iraq, all heck broke loose and Bush was called everything except a child of God.
    Granted, they also say that the barrels and rockets are corroded and not usable, but they are still chemical weapons in my book. And, if they were not usable in 2008, why keep the whole affair quiet.
  2. Interrogator#6

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    Wake up and smell the bacon frying.

    The chemicals when found were in barrels labeled: "Made In USA". And Donald Rumsfeld sold them to Iraq.
  3. Peninha

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    So the chemicals were labeled made in USA? No real surprise here, the USA is arming the whole world.
  4. Kate

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    Probably not a great idea to believe everything ya hear, my friend. Ya know? I could almost see your hands rubbing together in glee and your "aha! I discovered something to say against the U.S.!" cackle. Besides, where they were made doesn't really matter in this topic... does it?

    And furthermore (3rd edit for me here... I'm steamed) who the devil ELSE would arm the pacifist world while their neighboring countries take them over and cause chaos?!
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  5. DancingLady

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    I am definitely unhappy about this. They had no business covering something up and putting not just the President, but everyone who worked in intelligence, to shame. People who did their job right and had accurate information were made to look like they had seriously screwed up when they actually were right. Shame on those who did not come forward with this information right away.
  6. Interrogator#6

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    As I understand, the cashe found was not "weapons" or WMD but barrels of chemicals. They were not weapons the same way that raw dynamite or even nitroglicerin are not weapons though still explosives. To be considered as weapons they would usually be encased in a shell or a bomb casing, or loaded into some other means of delivery (like crop-dusters).

    The chemicals were found, I understand, in rusting shipping barrels. They were there waiting to be wedded with weapons, but never were. Records with the cashe dated the chemicals from the Iraq-Iran War era of circa the Reagan administration.

    The reason why this information was not made public in 2008 is unclear, but that still the Junior Bush administration. Apparently it was thought an embarrasment to that administration.
  7. Peninha

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    LOL, I am not anti-US please note, I think that US people are just like any other people in the world, but the fact is that US, Russia and China do arm the world for wars, I don't think anyone can question that.

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