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    photo-16.JPG photo-18.JPG photo-17.JPG photo-19.JPG photo-20.JPG
    I was lucky to obtain this 1933 SS Dagger in which the owner added the chain in 1936 on his own. I am in the process of researching his career, but not being an officer, the only records kept in our National Archives is his application to marry and the tons of paperwork involved because of SS rules. Both he and his wife had to prove their racial purity back to 1850. I am currently trying to locate the correct agency in Germany that might have his war records. It keeps me busy and is very interesting. I hope you enjoy the photos, sorry I could not fit more!

    Thanks, Joe
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    Awesome Joe, thanks for posting the photos and good luck with your research. Do you know if he survived the war? I believe there is a German equivilant to the CWGC which may give you something if he was killed.
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    Hello Mike,
    Thanks again! I have his file from the Race and Resettlement office with photos of him and his prospective bride, but I can't get anything from Germany .There are just so many agencies involved, and they answer in German which leaves me at a big loss. One agency tells me write to another and so on. The dagger and Race file makes an interesting group I'll just leave it be for now.

    Thanks, Joe

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