Cenepa War of 1995 - Ecuador vs Peru

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    In 1995, the South American nations of Peru and Ecuador fought a bloody war over the control of a remote Amazonian region. Around 500 people (mostly soldiers) died during the Alto Cenepa War, which ended with the establishment of status quo.

    The Alto Cenepa War was the third major confrontation between Peru and Ecuador, with previous conflicts occurring in 1941 and 1981.

    The Peruvian Air Force played a major part in the conflict, although they lost several of their bomber aircraft to Ecuador's Russian-made SA-16 MANPADs.
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    The disputed region is shaded in light green: (Currently under the control of Peru)

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    Hi. Does someone knows where I can find useful bibliography for research about the Cenepa War, the Paquisha War, and the 1941 Ecuadorian-Peruvian War? Information about mediation by other nations to end the wars would be useful too.


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