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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kate, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Good morning, everyone! Just a note to say that I'm back on the forum and looking forward to resuming some of the intriguing conversations we used to have here. How many of you are still here, and if so, say hello! If you don't recognize me, please introduce yourself!

    For anyone new, I'm Kate and from the east coast of the U.S. My passion is the American Civil War and I'm often found in Gettysburg just wandering around the battlefield, sometimes in tears, but always in awe.

    I have been working on a database of Gettysburg dead for a long time now... I feel that I'm closing in on all the data that's available. With well over 10,000 names and stories now, I feel that many of those I'm missing (maybe just a few hundred at this point!) were either buried on the field without identification, or horrifying as it is, hit with the kind of cannon-fire that would leave nothing to identify. :( I don't like to accept that, but it happened.

    There are also many that have to remain unconfirmed and considered "presumed dead." My personality type doesn't like that, but in those cases, I have checked rosters, actual war records, and family stories/legacies, and if none of those sources know for sure, I know that I will not be finding out either. Extremely sad to me because I wanted to give each one of those boys (and a few girls) in blue and gray a voice... a story. I'd like to do the impossible, but there always must come an end.

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