Captain Karl Boy-Ed 1872-1930

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    Photographs by Kapitän zur See Karl Boy-Ed, 1913

    These photographs were taken by Kapitän zur See Karl Boy-Ed, Imperial German Navy, during the 1913 Autumn manoeuvers at the mouth of the Weser River.

    Karl Boy-Ed (1872-1930) served as Germany's naval attaché to the U.S. until his eventual expulsion as a saboteur shortly before the U.S. entered the war in 1917.

    Boy-Ed, who entered the Germany Navy at a young age of German parentage (his father was a merchant in Lubeck), and was something of a protégé of Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, worked with the Naval Secretary in seeking to boost the overall size of the Navy, a strategy that played dividends with the ambitious (and frustrated) Kaiser Wilhelm II.

    As a Captain Boy-Ed was despatched to the U.S. in 1911 as his country's naval attaché. With war underway in Europe from August 1914 Boy-Ed worked closely with Franz von Papen in establishing a spy ring and a group of saboteurs, each determined to hinder U.S. economic aid to the Entente Powers.

    Von Papen was effectively expelled from the U.S. in 1915 although Boy-Ed remained. Nevertheless his activities grew both in scale and in notoriety, to the point where the peaceable U.S. President Woodrow Wilson felt obliged to instruct Germany to recall Boy-Ed early in 1917. The U.S. shortly afterwards entered the war on the side of the Allies.

    Back in Germany Boy-Ed continued to serve his country, this time as Director of the Navy's press department. Following the armistice he married an American woman (from Virginia) and settled north of Hamburg.

    Boy-Ed died following a horse-riding accident on 14 September 1930; he was aged 58.

    Capt. Boy-Ed's Plea to Live Here Refused; Parole of German Offenders to End Soon

    July 13, 1919, Sunday Section: News Section, Page E1

    Captain Karl Boy-Ed, who was Naval Attache of the German Embassy in Washington during the first year and a half of the war, and who in January, 1916, was expelled from the country because of his activities as a German plotter, wants to return to the United States

    Captain Boy-Ed, Deported German Officer, Weds Miss Mackay-Smith at Hamburg

    Special to The New York Times. February 11, 1921, Friday Page 1,
    LANCASTER, Pa., Feb. 10.--Captain Karl Boy-Ed, former Naval Attache of the German Embassy, Washington, deported with Count von Bernstorff, for pro-enemy activities in the United States during the war, today married Miss Virginia Miackay-Smith, formerly of Philadelphia and Lancaster. The marriage was solemnized at Hamburg, Germany.

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