Captain Harold Ewart Rudman - Fromelles

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    As Fromelles is very much in the fore front of the news right now ... I thought I'd try and find out about this young man .......

    In Memory of

    "D" Coy. 2nd/6th Bn., Gloucestershire Regiment
    who died age 32
    on 19 July 1916
    Son of Emily S.A. Rudman, of Failand Lodge, Guthrie Rd., Clifton, Bristol, and the late James Rudman.

    Remembered with honour

    He was killed at Fromelles carrying out an attack on German trenches. No Man’s Land became so congested by dead and wounded soldiers that the attack was aborted. In total 178 men of the 2/6 Glosters died. The action, at a point known as Sugar Loaf, was an unmitigated disaster for the Australian 5 th Division, in particular, which suffered 5,533 casualties and 400 captured in a single night. This attack was a diversion for the renewed offensive taking place further south on the Somme, intended to prevent the Germans from sending reserves to replace their casualties in 'the main event'.

    Harold Rudman’s body was never found and he is listed on the Loos Memorial.

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