Captain H Waller; RAN

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    A short history of Captain Waller who commanded HMAS Stuart during battle of Matapan and was credited with severely damaging three (3) Italian Cruisers Pola, Zara, and Victorrio, I believe some of these ships were sent to the bottom by RN Destroyers torpedoes and gun fire after they had abandoned ship. Admiral Cunningham C in C Naval in Medertrainian in his book of his experiances during the war named the chapter that deals with the Battle of Matapan as "Stuarts Wildnight".
    Waller then in late 1941 took command of the light Cruiser HMAS Perth where he eventually went down with his ship in the Sunda Straight with the USS Houston they bumped into a Japanese invasion flotilla and were being hit by Battleship guns right from the start not to forget the numerous Cruisers and copious amounts of Destroyers and the like. I have read where men captured from the HMAS Perth and USS Houston were questioned about a supposed battle ship the Japanese thought was involved in the battle as Houston and Perth went down fighting in a way the japanese had not really experienced before.

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