Captain Cyril Holland, RFA

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    In Memory of

    Royal Field Artillery
    who died
    on 09 May 1915
    Eldest son of playwright and poet Oscar Wilde, and Constance Lloyd Wilde, later Holland.

    Remembered with honour

    Captain Cyril Holland, RFA

    Born in 5 June 1885, the son of Oscar Wilde
    Educated at St. Peter's College, Radley from Lent 1899 to 1903 (was a Prefect, played on the college VIII in 1902 and Boxing in 1902-03.
    Gentleman Cadet at the Royal Military College, Woolwich
    Commissioned as a 2nd Lieut, RFA on 20 December 1905
    Promoted to Lieutenant on 20 December 1908
    Served in India from September 1911 until 1914; was serving with No. 9 Ammunition Column, RFA at Secunderabad, India in August 1914.
    Promoted to Captain, 30 October 1914
    Killed by a sniper near Neuville-St.Vaast on 9 May 1915

    Sources: Radley Register, 1847-1933; Radley Register, 1847-1947; List of Officers of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1862-1914; various ARmy Lists.

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    World War I (1914-19)


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