Captain Alfred John Shout V C, M C

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    Captain Alfred Shout, 1st Battalion, NSW, of Sydney, at Quinn’s Post, Anzac, on 7 June 1915. On the afternoon of 9 August, in the captured Turkish trenches of Lone Pine, Shout and Captain Cecil Sasse advanced together with Sasse shooting and Shout throwing bombs. At the end of every short advance down the trench, which forced the Turks back, they built a sandbag barricade. As they prepared to make another advance, one of three bombs that Shout was igniting burst in his hand shattering it and causing terrible wounds to his face. Shout was evacuated, ‘still cheerful’, and sat up to drink tea. He died on a hospital ship and was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross, one of seven awarded to Australians for their courage at the Battle of Lone Pine.

    In Memory of

    V C, M C

    1st Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
    who died age 33
    on 11 August 1915
    Born New Zealand.

    Remembered with honour

    The London Gazette No. 29328 dated 15th October 1915
    "For most conspicuous bravery at Lone Pine trenches, in the Gallipoli Peninsula. On the morning of the 9th Aug., 1915, with a very small party, Capt. Shout charged down trenches strongly occupied by the enemy, and personally threw four bombs among them, killing eight and routing the remainder. In the afternoon of the same day, from the position gained in the morning, he captured a further length of trench under similar conditions, and continued personally to bomb the enemy at close range under very heavy fire until he was severely wounded, losing his right hand and left eye. This most gallant officer has since succumbed to his injuries."

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