Canadian War Diaries of the First World War

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    There are a number of CEFSG members that are working on the transcription of the war diaries for the CEF.

    Here is a record of what has been recently completed: Diaries/index.htm

    These are the first ones to be completed in the project spearheaded by Michael and Lynn and many more will follow.

    For those interested in a project to see how the war diaries have been used to tie the deaths of Canadian Soldiers from where I live (Milton, Ontario CANADA), here you can see the report by soldier and the links to how, where and when he paid the ultimate sacrifice. The active links take you to many of the sites available for the CEF:
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    Just an update! The CEF Study Group moved the main web site in July 2012 and so all the links are now at the new site.

    From there you can get to the following major sections:
    That group deals only with WWI and I direct all those wanting to deal with WWII to this site. I also tell them that here they can see what others are doing outside of the CEF on topics in many of the other conflicts.
    At the CEFSG we are still working on the War Diary Transcriptions.
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    This is a very important part of history. People think that Canada is a very neutral country and they don't get involved in wars. They are the peaceful country, but in truth, they are the ones less spoken about, but they are involved in the wars, and they fight very well. Sometimes, you have to fight to find peace.

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