Canada's Highway of Heroes

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    For my international friends that have not read about Canada's Highway of Heroes, here is another part of the story in today's CBC news.

    Highway convoy rolls to honour fallen Canadian soldiers

    There are a number of other stories and some great photographs of the processions as thousands of Canadians line the highway and man the expressways to welcome home the fallen troops. All Canadian deceased Canadian troops are flown into the Trenton Air Base and then are taken in the military convoy to the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto. I recall it is about a 2 hour trip.

    The government recently approved a Bill to rename that section of the King's Highway 401 to the "Highway of Heroes".

    I have attached a PowerPoint show that was made from slides taken from the car of one of the family members during a procession - it is quite moving. Here is a clip of just one of the shots:


    File won't upload, so you can get it here off my site in PPS, PDF or a ZIP file:

    Index of /uploads/highwayofheroes

    Other countries??

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