Canada in Northern Russia and Siberia

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    A number of topics had come up in our research group on the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force at the tail end of the Great War of 1914-1921 (WWI). That sent me off on another tangent and in the end I put it all together in an essay/article that is now on my web site. It covers the time-line for both the NORTH RUSSIA and the SIBERIAN expeditions, as at the time I did not know there were two missions!

    I have a list of all my WWI publications here (non-commercial) on the new Laughton web site:

    From that site you can get all of them in PDF or follow the links above the list to the files on MediaFire (if you want more maps etc.) or ISSUU if you want to read them on-line.
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    Interesting. I have been interested in the American invasion of Russia (Siberia) through Vladivostok. I even managed to interview one former member of the AEF who was then an elderly man. He belonged to a small unit of some 33 men in support, if I understood correctly, the rail roads. But seeing he was 17 years in age at the time, and the interview was in the 1990s, he was vague on details.

    As I understand it, the AEF was sent in support of the RRSC, Russian Railroad Service Corps, a smallish body of mid-west railroad men organized to run the Trans-Siberian Railroad in order to keep Russia supplied and in the war (before the Bolshevik Revolution).

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