Can you help me find my Dad?

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    My parents split up in 1942 when I was 6 months old so I never new him. The only real military information I have comes from my recently discovered cousins. They didn't get to know him till the 70s so I only have hand me down stories of him. All I've got at the moment is

    Alan Joseph Cassidy
    Born: Byker New Castle Upon Tyne 27 Oct 1900
    Rel: RC
    Enlisted: Machine Gun Corps 1917
    Married: 24 Apr 1940 Staines Middlesex
    Son Me: Alan Philip 1942
    Died: New Castle Upon Tyne 28 Mar 1978

    He told my cousins that he was stationed in Russia keeping the White and the Red Russian apart. He also told them he was in or attached to the Spanish Army (POUM?) in the Spanish Civil War.

    What I'm hoping to find is his Army Number so I can try and get his records. I went to Kew but didn't have any luck, perhaps I looked in the wrong place. I'm living in the USA now and will not be able to get back to Kew till next year if then. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your help.
    Alan Cassidy.
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    Do you have the census Alan ? ...... this looks like him in the 1901 -

    109 Buddle Road, Benwell, Northumberland

    Patrick T Cassidy, Head, M, 44, Checker in Ordinance Works, East Indies Madras
    Margaret, Wife, M, 42, Durham Birtley?
    John P, Son, 19, Chemists Assistant, Durham Low Kyo
    Thomas S, Son, 18, Pay Clerk in Ordinance Works, Durham Kyo Lane
    Margaret J, Daur, S, 17, Durham Kyo Lane
    Vincent A E, Son, 12, Cumberland Carlisle
    Henry E, Son, S, 8, Cumberland Carlisle
    Laurence P, Son, S, 7, Cumberland Carlisle
    Mary E, Daur, S, 5, Cumberland Carlisle
    Herbert V, Son, 3, S, Durham Ber?ham
    ALLAN J, Son, S, 5 months, Northumberland Newcastle on Tyne
    Sarah White, visitor, S, 46, Elementary Teacher, East Indies Dinapore India
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    Do you happen to know if he lived in Liverpool after the war Alan ? ( or if any of his family did ? )
  4. liverpool annie

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    Was he married more than once ? maybe the Liverpool address was to another marriage .....

    Marriage - 1940 24 Apr
    Age - 40
    Marriage to Marjorie Irene H. Leeman (1908 - 1990)
    Staines Middlesex UK

    Death Age - 78
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

    Parents -

    Patrick T. Cassidy
    1857 – 1918
    Margaret McClarnon
    1859 –

    info for wife -
    Birth - Jan 03 1908
    Yorkshire-East Riding UK
    Death - 24 March 1990
    Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire
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    Perhaps he went under the name of Joseph Cassidy ...... :confused: I've looked to see if there are any ..... couldn't find Alan Joseph Cassidy or Joseph A Cassidy ....

    There is one Pte Joseph Cassidy in Machine Gun Corps no 115337 on medal cards at TNA .... I asked my friend to check on A* she said .....
    "lots of abbreviations - only got British Medal not the star (which fits with dates) or the victory medal which is odd"

    But he seems to have got - I think from abbreviations - the India General Service Medall - NFF - which I think is Northwest Frontier Afghanistan - and that was poss in 1924. But I could have deciphered it wrong ! It probably isn't him but I can post for you to have a look. It is the closest I have found so far !

    Other than that - if he was in as Joseph Cassidy - perhaps he attested in a different regiment and moved ... which is a strong probability with the Machine Gun Corps !

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  6. joe.cassidy

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    Hi Annie,
    You're a fast worker. I forgot to mention the census of 1901 and I havn't looked for him in the 1911 but at 11 years old I think he would still be with his parents.

    It states Bachelor on his Marriage Certificate and according to my cousins he never married again, I guess once was enough.

    I think he spent most of his time in the southern part of England, he was married in Middlesex, I was born in Somerset and later in his life he settled in Brighton he was the manager of the Bars on Brighton Pier.

    I will ask my cousins if he could have joined the Army in Liverpool, I remember them saying he walked to London and did most of his travelling on foot. I forgot to say he was 17 when he joined up, I don't know if that helps.

    Another thing is I was never called Alan by my mother but Joe eventhough I was christened Alan Philip. If my fathers name was Alan and my grandfather was Philip then perhaps Joe makes some sense, it saves having to explain who you are refering to. This only works if my mother knew him as Alan. He could be like me and gone through 3 name changes in his life, Joe for the first 17 yrs Casso or Cass for the next 12 yrs and finally Alan, but I answer to anything.

    It was easier to get my great granfathers army records than to find information on my Dad, I don't even have a Photo of him.
    Thanks very much for your help Annie I will email my cousin and see if he can shed any light on the Liverpool angle.

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    My guru themonsstar ;) read the card above and this is what he said ....

    So I still don't know if this is "your Joe" ... but I'm still looking !! :D
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    If Joe really was in Russia he should have qualified for the British War Medal 1914-1920 so this probably isn't his MIC .... shame .... thought we were on a winner there !! :rolleyes:

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    1911 Census search he is coming up as in Newcastle with Parents, (Patrick Thomas and Margaret) and Vincent Alan Edward (22), Henry Edward (18),Lawrence Philip (17), Mary Elizabeth (15), Herbert Victor (13), and Margaret Josephine (5).

    The MGC Joseph (115337): his number looks like he transferred from another regiment, going into action somewhere around late 1917/early 1918. Never saw service overseas with his previous regiment. I can't pin down his earlier service, the closest I can find being James Stewart 115329 of 260th Company MGC, formerly RAMC.

  10. forester

    forester New Member

    The following MGC units were involved in the North Russia Campaign:

    8th Battalion MGC
    201 Battalion MGC
    252 Machine Gun Company
    253 MAchine Gun Company
    280 Machine Gun Company

  11. joe.cassidy

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    I completely forgot, my cousin Tony gave me a printout of the 1911 census. I just found it going through the file I took to England. I met my cousins Gerard and Tony and their wives Irene and Sheila for the first time and we talk for 4 hours so I guess the census slipped my mind (what's left of it).

    My Dad was born at the end of 1900 so if he didn't lie about his age how early could he have joined the Army? can we date the army number 115337? How long was basic training for a Regt and then the Machine Gun Corps?

    I think I did see a Joseph Cassidy from the Royal Irish Rifles in the MGC but I will have to go back and find him again, I think he was on A******y. Ijust looked and found a CPL. J cassidy 63091 with a date of 3-6-1918 and if I'm reading it right got the DCM-LG, is that the Distinguished Conduct Medal. I doubt my father could have got through his training become a cpl and got a DCM all in 4 months.

    The only way to be sure is for me to apply to Glasgow and see if they can find him with what little information I have unless someone can suggest a route I have missed.

  12. joe.cassidy

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    A little more info. My Dad was posted to Russia in 1919.

    My Uncle Herbert (Bertie) Victor Cassidy Ramc helped carry the wounded Lord Gort out of the line during the action for which he (Lord Gort) received the VC. Bertie just recieved a thank you.

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    Hi Joe

    I am new to the forum but am specifically writing to you as I have an interest in medals and militaria to surname Cassidy. I have quite a few research files and folders from Queen Victoria through to the modern day. However I don't have much more information regarding your relatives than you already have to hd. My reason for writing was to enquire if you have any photographs of your Cassidy Military relatives, which I could add to my research folders. Any photographs provided would be for personal research purposes only.

    I thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to your reply.

    Gary Cassidy
    Outback Queensland
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    Hi Joe !

    I came across Lord Gort ... and I thought of you !! :D

    Have you been able to come up with anything recently ? - I did find Berties MIC ... do you already have it ?

    Medal card of Cassidy, Herbert V

    Royal Army Medical Corps 76119 Private

    Snippet *

    Lets know where we are up to ... I think I might have lost the plot ....... :rolleyes:

    Annie :)
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