Can a Moderator contact someone who had posted on this site as a guest and pass on a message?

Discussion in 'Looking for someone' started by Survival, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Survival

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    Back in 2008 there was a topic regarding Emile Mange who was thought to be the only Swiss pilot in the RAF in WW2. A guest poster joannac had posted on the topic she was a family member. I have a number of items that were from W/C Mange's Estate and would like to offer them copies, no charge, Does a moderator have the ability to pass on a message as I am unable to do so thru the site. Thanks

  2. I am going to say no, because the person was only a guest, and did not register personal information. I have never run a forum, but I don't think they have access to their IP address. Perhaps look the username up in a search engine, and see if they used it elsewhere. I use the same username in a lot of areas. It is worth a shot. I know this was awhile back, but hopefully I helped you.

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