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Discussion in 'World War 1' started by James Cripps, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. James Cripps

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    Are there any recordings or sheet music of WWI bugle calls that were used in the camps available online? In particular I am after the retreat, lights out, mail and the call to mess.

    Any help would be most appreciated :)
  2. R Leonard

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    If you mean US Army, try this. There's been no changes, except perhaps the addition of "Taps," in the last couple of hundred years.

    This these might help for US Navy (yes, some of the same scores as for US Army calls, but with totally different meanings).

    Here's a nice list (but by no means all inclusive) of British Army calls:

    You weren't terribly specific as to nationality or service. A search using and "<service> bugle calls" yielded the above without much trouble. Have you tried this method?
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  3. James Cripps

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    Sorry about the lateness of my reply. I was actually after Australian bugle calls and could only gather fragments online. Was hoping for something a little bit more complete. I have found a few books with the sheet music but the ideal scenario would be to hear them for myself. Do you know of any sites/sound clips that could provide this?

    Thanks :)
  4. R Leonard

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    I would imagine that Australian bugle calls, for the most part, are the same as the British . . . common source and all that.

    However, using the method I mentioned above, in this case "Australian Army Bugle Calls" this looks like a likely suspect:

    Search engines are usually pretty reliable, if the info is out there somewhere any of the usual engines, google, ask, bing, what have you, will do the job, you simple have to be diligent and sometimes a little creative in your search description. "Australian Army Bugle Manual" coughs up this nice tome at the National Library of Australia:

    If you're in Oz, you should be able to get your hands on it, at least to borrow . . . there's instructions on the right side of the page. And now you know there is such a manual so if you want to spend some money you can start browsing through the used book web sites.

    Or you could try this

    Play with your browser of choice . . . oh, I guess you don't need to, now
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