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    Hi, I'm trying to find out which theatres the Cameron Highlanders fought in. My father (17890 Pte
    W. McLellan) enlisted into this Regiment in 1914 but was later transferred to RE (Serv. No: 359484).
    His WWI medal cards indicate that his medals were issued whilst in RE, where these issued at the end of the conflict? Any help appreciated. Thanks John.
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    There are a couple of mentions of the Cameron Highlanders in the diary of my great-uncle Frank Vans Agnew.
    From the trenches near Festubert he wrote that 'we' 2nd King Edward's Horse, had been relieved by them in some extremely wet, muddy trenches.
    And at Cambrai on 23 November 1917: "The 23rd was a Friday and the omens looked badly to me. In this sunken road, besides, was the best part of a Highland Battalion, Camerons, who had scooped little holes in the bank for shelter. They told us they had been fourteen days in front trenches, three of these days being days of hard fighting, and, in their mud-plastered, unshaven condition, it was difficult to distinguish officers from men. This was the Battalion that was to follow us and, as it happened, they had a very hard time and lost heavily in trying to do so. The enemy had not bothered us with shelling while travelling but he seemed to mistrust that sunken road and repeatedly shelled it, with 5.9s until we left it to attack, without, however, doing any damage."
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    That's a gripping diary entry, Barnbarroch. Thank you for sharing it!

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