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Discussion in 'Books and Films' started by mkCampbell, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. mkCampbell

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    I wanted to post this thread as a heads up to anyone that buys my book Bullet's and Bread. The book started out as a collection of World War Two memories veterans told me about the chow they were served up during the war. My publisher asked me to add several sections on WWII military ration development as well as some history on Victory Gardens as well. Then, at the last minute the book title was changed to Bullets and Bread with an emphasis on feeding the home-front.

    Somehow the publisher sent the wrong material to the printer and the book was published using a version of the text that was very old and in the editing and formatting stages. I knew there had been a horrible mistake when I read the dedication and realized it was one that was several revisions old.

    So, long story short; If you see my book at a store or online and you pick it up let me say thank you. Secondly, you'll notice many, many, many mistakes in editing and some information repeated twice information repeated twice. (done for example purposes.)

    The information in the book is well worth checking into. I think everyone will also enjoy the amazing stories from WWII veterans about the best, and worst, chow of World War Two.

    Thanks - Kent Whitaker
  2. Kate

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    Good gracious, a writer's most horrid nightmare. :eek: Am I mistaken to think that in cases like this, the publisher has an obligation to make things right... to correct it BEFORE more copies are sold on Amazon? Actually why haven't they already pulled it before now to make it right before more damage is done?

    Where does your editor fit into all this? Hope you can get it fixed soon!
  3. mkCampbell

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    Hey Kate, I've gotten no help from the publisher. And to be honest, I just wanted to write a book about WWII veteran memories including those from my uncle. I wish I could do more to rectify what has happened. It was heart wrenching to see the final product. I'm a culinary writer and cookbook author by trade with leanings towards NASCAR and tailgating football. This book was a step away from my comfort zone and a salute to all those who served. It was something I did from my heart and I wished it had turned out better.
  4. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    MkCampbell, may I ask who was the publisher? It sounds as if they were trying to not so much edit as co-author your book.

    When I have the chance to interview veterans I usually like to throw in a question or three as to their memories of CHOW. One evening the topic was the PT boats at Tulagi (near Guadcanal)(same base where PT 109 was stationed) and I learned the food was good and plentiful, considering they were at the end of a long, long supply chain. This was coming from both commanders and sailors of these plywood boats.
  5. mkCampbell

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    One of the coolest veterans that shared stories with me for the book was a PT boat gunner and cook named Earl. He also gave me his recipe for fried Spam and Marmalade sandwiches.

    The book started when my wife and I were visiting our son when he was in military college as a cadet. We were in town and saw some of my cookbooks in a store. I offered to sign them which started a conversation with veterans (military families at a military college) about the best and worst food served up on a base, sub, over seas etc. I thought - somebody needs to do a book on this! Hey.... I'm a culinary writer and history buff! So I started collecting stories and it developed into a World War Two focused title.

    The process for the book made sense, I understand the need for the extra material and such but the mistake was a gut kick! I'd rather not say the name of the publisher as I hope there is a fix in the future. But, if you google Bullets and Bread and it pops up in any book store, Amazon, etc, etc the publisher is listed. And, they have some awesome titles.
  6. Kate

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    Oh my... this actually sounds good to me. Am I too far gone to help, @Interrogator#6 ? :) Seriously... orange marmalade and spam. I could deal with that.

    Yep, that's what I was going to say... it wasn't hard to find at all. :) As a fellow writer, Kent, I'm hoping *very* much that they'll fix this for you. There is *no* way that they shouldn't be held responsible because your reputation and the weight of future sales for any upcoming books depends on things like the reviews.
  7. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    Kate, I, too, am now 'jonesing' for a good old fried Spam with orange glaze sandwich. That is similar to fried bologani with ketchup sandwich comfort food of long, long ago. I suppose you know that Spam is considered a culinary luxury in South Korea for it's versitilaty, not too distant in some ways from Tofu.

    I used to have the "Special Forces Advisor" cookbook. I bought it in the mid-80s when I was secunded to the Green Berets temporarily, with the idea that it would have many good suggestions as how to vary C-rations (MREs were just coming on-line). Alas, after suggesting hot sauce on everything it was light on C-rat cuisine. It did give some voice on cooking monkeys, cats, dogs and, oddly enough, "long pig". You may want to look up "long pig."
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  8. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Yes, the Spam and orange glaze sounds good to me... I never shied away from Spam like some people do because... well, because I liked it. :) My uncle used to fry it with a little butter and brown sugar when we were staying with him... loved the taste and I probably still would.

    Now, concerning the other matter. My tummy was already reeling from the things you listed and then ol' naive Kate took your advice and googled "long pig." I hereby make a statement for the record that I will not be taking @Interrogator#6 's advice on matters such as this ever again!! :eek: Oh my. I'm just not gonna comment on that one! Hot sauce on monkey I could handle... uh, well scratch that. But... I haven't even had my coffee or breakfast yet and chances are looking slim that it's going to happen. ;)
  9. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    Kate, have you ever heard of the Whaleship Essex? It was a long time ago but according to Mum I had an inlaw who was a crewmember. Needless to say, he never made home port.

    The Essex was an inpiration for Melville's Moby Dick.

    Now back to our programme, military cuisine:

    I notice there are several videos on Youtube relating the present and past military packaged meals. Some of the modern Russian freeze-dried stuff sounds interesting.

    Has anyone encountered or tried the vegitarian or Halail MREs? I read that they exist, being sensative to dietary restrictions, but never personally encountered any.
  10. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    80+ foot sperm whale... I can't even imagine. BUT I knew you wouldn't be changing the topic so drastically, so I had to dig beyond what I already knew and then, of course, I saw how it tied in. Sorry to hear your family has a background with that horrific story... and that he wasn't one of the 5 who returned. :(

    Yes... I have. But I'll need a little time to find where I saw it. It was an Internet company that sells online and they not only had vegetarian MREs but also those geared toward both Muslim and Jewish dietary restrictions. I will post when I find it... hopefully this morning sometime.
  11. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    I just checked what I said I was going to check for you, @Interrogator#6 , but it doesn't seem to be a current link... no copyright for a few years (https://www.worldgrocer.com/v/mres/about-mres/menus.htm) so I'll try again.

    Okay, this place has some vegetarian offerings, and some single serve, but none really sound that appetizing to me. http://theepicenter.com/mre_military_meal_ready_to_eat.html

    This place has single packs of veggies, beans, grains, etc. http://beprepared.com/food-storage/mres.html

    OHHHH! Maybe this would be more helpful... the "order form" link is near the bottom and they specialize in Halal MREs. Looks as if they sell to individuals as well as organizations. http://www.halalcertified.com/mres-rations/
  12. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    Kate, sorry if I was obtuse but I meant to ask if anyone had tasted or sampled or eaten one of these specialized MREs, not just where to find the order site. Where I live seems surrounded by a large Somali community and thus a plethora of halal markets if that is my desire.

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