British, Canadian, etc POWs of Stalag Luft IV

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    Hello -

    I am working on another project related to WW2, this time the POW camp Stalag Luft IV. I am compling information about the men that were intered there. I am working from a roster complied by the late Mr. Leonard Rose, a former POW at SL IV. I wish to expand it further by including; rank, serial number, A/C position, A/C serial number, A/C name if applicaable, Bomber Group, Bomber Squad., MACR report number, Lose date, Lager, Barracks Number, Room Number, state of residence at time of lose.

    Unfortunatly, the roster does not include the other Allies that were intered there. Can anyone here help me out? I am looking for an lists that may exist in which has the British, Canadian, Russian, Polish, etc. POWs. Any help would be greatly appreicated.



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