British Army Casualty Lists 1939-1945

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    Can somebody who has access or subscribes to the 'Find My Past' website help me please?

    In the last week or so, 'Find My Past' has released new information about the Second World War, in particular:

    British Army Casualty Lists 1939-1945

    I use the Rye Public Library in East Sussex, as a result I can access the 'Ancestry' and 'Find my Past' websites. Today I was looking for information about my Father's brother: ROY WILLARD (my uncle) who was wounded in France in 1940, but was able to reach England. My father was not so fortunate and was captured on 29th May 1940 near Arras and spent the next five years as a POW.

    I started to look at three Casualty Lists for the period 1939-1940, but searching visually I very quickly ran out of time (1 Hour access on Library Computers).

    I was not able to find a shortcut in order to pinpoint the information I was seeking.

    Information on my uncle is sparse, this is what I have:

    Name: ROY WILLARD born 1920 Robertsbridge, Sussex

    Military Service: On 17th July 1939 ROY WILLARD was Attested and joined the Royal Sussex Regiment, Service number: 6401741.

    In April 1940 he was shipped to France with his Regiment. Sometime in May 1940 he was wounded in the arm, but was able to get to Dunkirk and was evacuated back to England.

    His wounds were too serious to allow him to remain in the Army and on 10th March 1941 he was medically discharged Para 390 (xvi) K.R. 1940.

    On 19th December 1944 at Tonbridge Hospital, ROY WILLARD died from: Peritonitis and Gangrene poisoning, he is buried at St Mary's Church, Salehurst, Sussex.

    From looking at the Casualty Lists so far I know the data shown will be minimal, but at least it will add to what I know and allow me to build a bigger picture of my uncle and of my father: GEORGE ALFRED WILLARD, Service Number: 6400900, 5th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment.

    Appreciate any help, Thank you.

    Roy Willard
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    Found 3 or 4 entries for the Willards.

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