Britains Small Wars - Northern Ireland (1969-)

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    Britains Small Wars - Northern Ireland (1969-)

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    That quote is far from being a neutral apprasial of the terrorist murder campaigns fought in N Ireland from 1969 - 2005. In fact it reads like the diatribe of an Irish republican propogandist. My condemnation of terrorism is universal, in that I do not support, intimidation, sabotage or murder as a branch of politics.

    Ireland was never conquered by any group, least of all the British. It has been settled by a series of different cultural groups that included the Celts, the Gaelic Ui Neill (O'Neill) and the Vikings. The British referred to in the opening paragraph were French speaking Welsh (Cambro-Normans) invited over by an Irish chieftan to settle one of the incessant squabbles the 150 Irish chieftans and their dynasties were prone to. But the British connection and the genuine grievances of the Roman Catholic was exploited by republican terrorists in their quest for a united Ireland.

    In the past the term 'Well Documented' has always turned out to be a republican interpretation of the historical facts. When republicans state, 'Read your history', they are usually referring to the diatribe they have been spoon fed from the cradle and not the wider spectrum of material I have studied.

    I have served in the British Armed Forces for over 30 years, 17 of those years in Northern Ireland. At all times I have honestly tried to understand 'What the hell I was doing there'.

    Check out my forthcoming book (Jan 2008) on the subject at

    The Last Coleraine Militia

    The site is free, I make nothing from the material and the book (280 pages) is also free.

    P.S. Kyt, see Chapter 14


    This refers to Women in the UDR where women were placed in the front line of a terrorist campaign. Since 2005 I think there has been a retrograde step in placing women on an equal footing with men on the front line.
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    Hi H to H,

    When posting these for comment I usually took a short portion of "background" and pushed people to read the whole content on the site.

    It seems this particular piece has been withdrawn for a rewrite. (Your doing?)

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1]Background to the Troubles
    Removed, pending rewrite

    Look forward to reading all of your book.CheersGeoff[/SIZE]
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    If only I had the power. It is sad to see a site that obviously supports the role of the British Army in Northern Ireland having to resort to using republican biased information on Ireland to write the background. Hopefully the piece will return with a more balanced perspective on Irish history.

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