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    Hi All,

    I recently had cause to scan Dad's "Blood Chit" from Korea.

    Wiki explains, "Blood chit is a notice that is carried by the military, usually aircraft personnel, that displays messages aimed at the civilians that ask them to help the service member in case they are shot down. Chit is English slang for a small document or note.

    I'm attaching a scan. You often see them stitched onto the back of flight jackets of pilots.

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    Cheers Owen. Most people have probably heard of the Blood Chits issued to the USAAF in the Far East / CBI but the RAF also issued them to air crews. The example attached is for North Africa. I have heard of ones for Burma but have never seen them

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  4. Nostalgair

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    Hi Kyt,

    Thanks for the scan.

    The Blood Chit many folks are aware of were those worn by the 'Flying Tigers'. In writing 'Down to Earth', Kenneth referred to his as a 'Goolie Chit' when he was flying in the Middle East. 'Goolie' being slang for testicle.:)


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    My dad used to use the phrase "Goolies" when someone got kicked or grabbed.
  6. spidge

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    The beggars in the town in Egypt used to get "imshee" (get going however it was meant as P**s off!

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