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    Sqn.-Ldr. J. E. Partridge, D.S.O., D.F.C. (Instr.)

    John Eely Patridge 121910

    P/O 1st May 1942
    F/L 3oth June 1943
    Retirement 6th Apr. 1969

    Distinguished Flying Cross 28 July 1942
    Pilot Officer John Eely PARTRIDGE (121910), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve; No. 83 Squadron.

    Bar to DFC 11 August 1942
    Pilot Officer John Eely PARTRIDGE, D.F.C (121910) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No 83 Squadron

    He was awarded an immediate Distinguished Flying Cross in July 1942 for a raid on Danzig followed by an immediate Bar the same month for a daylight raid on the Ruhr in which his aircraft was attacked by two Bf 110s and two FW 190s.

    Distinguished Service Order 9 March 1943
    Acting Flight Lieutenant John Eely PARTRIDGE, D.F.C. (121910), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 83 Squadron In the coarse of a most outstanding operational career this officer has participated in attacks against many of the most heavily defended enemy targets, including Bremen. Danzig, Essen and Hamburg. During these flights he has contended with adverse weather and fierce opposition which has damaged his aircraft, but undeterred he has always succeeded in completing his mission. On a recent sortie against Hamburg, one engine failed shortly after leaving base. Undismayed by this occurrence Flt. Lt. Partridge continued his flight, which he completed successfully though only just able to maintain the necessary height. On another occasion recently, when attacking Stuttgart, he descended fo 3,000 feet, despite intense antiaircraft fire, to ensure accurate bombing.

    Also flew Lancaster R5868 (opens as a Word Document) Avro Lancaster R5868.doc
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    S fo Sugar? Wow, to think you can go to see an aircraft that Partridge flew. Amazing.

    Did a quick search for the trip where he earned his first DFC. One of the searches was "83 Sqn" and this thread came up on the first Google page! Quick spiders...LOL. July 42 appears to have been just after 83 converted to Lancs from Manchesters in May (prior to that it was Hampdens). So, daylight raids in Lancs in mid-42...
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    D. F. Allen, G.M., B.E.M. (Instr.)

    Dudley Farquhar Allen

    George Medal 17 Jan 1941

    968365 Sergeant Dudley Farquhar ALLEN. 109 Squadron
    In September, 1940, this airman was the turret gunner of an aircraft which crashed in dense mist; he was dazed by a heavy blow on the head and his parachute harness was entangled with the seat.

    Although the compartment door was jammed, Sergeant Allen succeeded in forcing his way out of the wreckage and, in spite of the fact that the aircraft was on fire, he proceeded with great energy and resolution to extricate the unconscious bodies of three of the crew at the risk of his own life.

    Undeterred by the increasing intensity of the heat and fumes from the burning wreckage, and amid exploding ammunition, he then endeavoured to find the pilot, but was unsuccessful. Unaware, owing to the dense mist, that the crash had occurred on the aerodrome, Sergeant Allen removed the unconscious man to a safe distance from the flames before assistance arrived. It was due to his efforts that the three members of the crew were not burned with the aircraft, though unfortunately they subsequently died from injuries sustained during the crash.

    British Empire Medal 11th July 1941

    968365 Sergeant Dudley Farquhar Allen,. G.M., Royal Air Force.

    One evening in April an enemy aircraft dropped incendiary bombs on an aerodrome. One bomb fell into the cockpit of an aircraft on the ground and lodged beneath the seat and under the front of the fuselage petrol tank in a position which prevented its removal.

    Sergeant Allen attempted to extinguish the incendiary but his efforts were unavailing owing to its position. He therefore climbed into the cockpit and, although fully aware that the fuel tank was likely to explode at any moment, he plied fire extinguishers against the side of the tank and put soil on the incendiary until it was finally extinguished.

    At the time a large number of men were engaged in putting out other incendiaries near the aircraft. There is no doubt that Sergeant Allen, by his initiative and gallant conduct in the face of extremely dangerous conditions, prevented many casualties which would certainly have occurred had the tank exploded.

    DFC 12th Jan 1945
    Acting Squadron Leader Dudley Farquhar ALLEN, G.M., B.E.M. (111932), R.A.F.V.R., 156 Sqn.

    This officer has completed a large number of operational sorties. He is the Squadron Gunnery Leader and has displayed marked zest for operational flying against the enemy. His fine fighting spirit, determination and skill have earned for him the respect of all under his leadership.
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    G. F. Grant, D.S.O., D.F.C

    George Francis Grant 42216 Born in Canada

    P/O (Probation) 9th Dec. 1939
    P/O 1st May 1940.
    F/O 9th Dec. 1940
    S/L 1st Nov. 1943
    W/C 21st Feb 1945
    Retired as G/C 20th Apr. 1949.

    DFC 10 March 1942
    Flight Lieutenant George Francis GRANT (42216), No. 109 Squadron.

    Distinguished Service Order. 9 November 1943
    Acting Wing Commander George Francis GRANT, D.F.C. (42216), Royal Air Force, No,. 156 Squadron.
    Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross this officer has undertaken many sorties, covering a wide range of targets. His unswerving devotion to duty, fortitude and tenacity- were amply demonstrated on one 'occasion when he attacked Bochum in the face of difficult circumstances. Wing Commander Grant is an outstanding leader'whose fine qualities have impressed all

    Bar to Distinguished Service Order 23d March, 1945
    Acting Group Captain George Francis GRANT, D.S.O., D.F.C., R.A.F., 109 Sqn
    Group Captain Grant has been in command of his squadron since May 1944. He has displayed great powers of leadership and has been largely responsible for the successful operations completed by his squadron.

    During his long operational career this officer has displayed the greatest enthusiasm and determination and by his untiring efforts and splendid example the squadron has attained a high standard of skill and accuracy.

    Grant died in 1990. The first page of his obit is available here but someone may have the book and be able to provide the second page:

    Canada from Afar: The Daily ... - Google Book Search
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    Sqn.-Ldr. H. G. Travers, D.S.C

    Herbert Gardner Travers: born in 1891;

    • worked for Joseph Travers and Sons Limited, trading merchants, London, 1910-1914;
    • joined Machine Gun Section, 1 Bn, Honourable Artillery Company and posted to France, 1914;
    • joined Royal Naval Air Service, 1915;
    • undertook reconnaissance flights in France, 1916-1917;
    • flew on North Sea anti-submarine patrols, 1917;
    • served in France with 211 Sqn, RAF, 1918;
    • test pilot and seaplane pilot, Blackburn Aeroplane and Manufacturing Company, Athens, Greece, 1926-1928;
    • pilot instructor, Bristol and Wessex Club, Cinque Ports Flying Club, and London Aeroplane Club, 1928-1933;
    • pilot, National Air Display, 1934;
    • pilot, Spartan Air Lines, Imperial Airways and British Airways, 1935-1938;
    • Flight Lt, Administration and Special Duties Branch, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 1939-1945;

    died in 1958

    AIM25: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London: TRAVERS BROTHERS

    Herbert Gardner Travers - The Aerodrome - Aces and Aircraft of World War I
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    Travers - pioneering pilot by the looks of it. Anyone got the Blackburn works book?
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    Sqn.-Ldr. C. A. J. Smith, D.F.C

    Cyril Albert Johong Smith 111563

    P/O 24th Oct. 1941
    F/O 1st Oct. 1942
    F/L 5th Oct. 1943

    DFC 11 May 1943
    Flying Officer Cyril Albert Johong SMITH (111563), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 83 Squadron.
    Throughout- his operational career F/O. Smith has been employed in attacking, almost exclusively, the most dangerous targets in Germany and has never failed to press home his mission in the face of the fiercest opposition. On one occasion F/O. Smith's gunners were able to shoot down an enemy fighter before any damage had been inflicted on their own aircraft.

    Distinguished Service Order. 30th November, 1943.
    Acting Squadron Leader Cyril Albert Johong SMITH, D.F.C. (111563), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 83 Squadron.
    Squadron Leader Smith has participated in a very large number of sorties, including three attacks on Berlin. He has never failed to reach his target and his attacks have invariably been pressed home with great determination. This officer has displayed outstanding skill, courage and devotion
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    Wg.-Cdr. G. M. Dunnicliffe, DFC

    Charles McKenzie Dunnicliffe 49010

    P/O 20th June 1940
    F/O 20th June 1941
    S/L 27th March 1944

    Distinguished Flying Cross. 8 February 1944
    Acting Wing Commander Charles McKenzie DUNNICLIFFE (49010), Royal Air Force, No. 97 Squadron.

    Distinguished Service Order. 11 July 1944
    Acting Wing Commander Charles McKenzie DUNNICLIFFE, D.F.C. (49010), R.A.F., 582 Sqn.
    This officer has undertaken many sorties against various targets, including 7 attacks on Berlin. He is an outstanding captain, whose keenness, courage and devotion to duty have set a splendid example. In addition to his work in the air, Wing- Commander Dunnicliffe has shown a high degree of organising ability and great drive and his untiring efforts have been reflected in the operational efficiency of the squadron he commands.

    Flight Magazine AUGUST 22ND, 1946
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    Wg.-Cdr. F. W. Deacon, D.S.O., D.F.C

    Edward William Deacon 44547

    P/O 7th Sept. 1940
    F/O 7th Sept. 1941
    F/L 7th Sept. 1942
    S/L 31st Oct. 1943
    W/C 1st July 1952
    G/C 1st July 1963

    Distinguished Flying Cross 22 November 1940
    Pilot Officer Edward William DEACON (44547), No. 51 Squadron.

    Distinguished Service Order. 19 October 1943
    Acting Wing Commander Edward William DEACON, D.F.C. (44547), Royal Air Force, No. 35 Squadron.
    One night in September, 1943, this officer piloted an aircraft detailed to attack Montlucon. Wing Commander Deacon executed his task with great skill in spite of adverse weather, bombing his target with great precision from a low level. His
    good work was well evidenced by the excellent photograph which he obtained. This officer, who has completed a very large number of sorties has invariably displayed courage and tenacity of a high order.

    Mentioned in Despatches 8 June 1945
    Acting Wing Commander E W Deacon

    Air Force Cross 1st January, 1952
    Squadron Leader Edward William DEACON, D.S.O., D.F.C. (44547), R.A.F.

    W/C. E. W. Deacon, D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C to Air H.Q., Ceylon, for air staff duties 1956

    E. W. Deacon to H.Q., No. 19 Group, for Air Staff duties 1958

    RAF Leeming Administrative Wing Wg Cdr E. W. Deacon 1960 (picture below)

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    Sqn.-Ldr. C. P. C. de Wesselow DFC

    Charles Peter Craufurd de Wesselow DFC 114160

    P/O 13th Dec. 1941
    F/O 1st Oct. 1942
    F/L 13th Dec. 1943

    Distinguished Flying Cross 3 December 1943
    Acting Flight Lieutenant Charles Peter Craufurd De WESSELOW (114160), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 97 Squadron

    Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross 6th June, 1944
    Acting Squadron Leader Charles Peter Craufurd de WESSELOW, D.F.C. (114160), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 97 Squadron.
    Throughout his operational career Sqn. Ldr, de Wesselow has set an outstanding example, both as pilot and captain of aircraft. Each of his sorties has been a model of thoroughness, sttill and determination. Since the award of the D.F.C., his coolness in the face of heavy odds and his courage in times of stress have been further displayed in a number of operational sorties

    Distinguished Service Order. 24 April 1945
    Acting Squadron Leader Charles Peter Crauford de WESSELOW, D.F.C. (114160), R.A.F.V.R., 635 Sqn
    This officer has set a fine example of courage and devotion to duty. He has completed a very large number, of sorties, involving attacks on targets important to the enemy's war effort. Undeterred by the heaviest opposition, Squadron Leader de Wesselow has invariably pressed home his attacks. His successes 'are a fine tribute to his" great skill and iron determination.
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    Wg.-Cdr. J. R. G. Ralston, D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C

    Joseph Roy George Ralston 47650

    BBC - WW2 People's War - Winged Chariots - Part 1: An Outstanding Leader

    P/O 3rd Dec. 1941
    F/O 1st Oct. 1942
    F/L 24th Jan. 1943
    S/L 1st Sept. 1943

    Distinguished Flying Medal 18 July 1941
    564969 Flight Sergeant Joseph Roy George RALSTON, No. 107 Squadron

    Distinguished Service Order 16 October 1942.
    Act, Flt. Lt. J. R. G. RALSTON, D.F.M., No 105 Sqn
    In September, 1942. Ft. Lt. Ralston and W/O. Armitage were pilot and observer respectively of one of a, formation of bomber aircraft detailed to attack a factory at Wiesbaden. The sortie involved a flight deep into German territory in daylight. Nevertheless, the objective was reached exactly as planned and subjected to vigorous bombing, hits being obtained.

    Bar to Distinguished Service Order 24 August 1943
    Acting Wing Commander Joseph Roy George RALSTON, D.S.O., D.F.M. (47650), Royal Air Force, No. 101 Squadron.
    In April, 1943, Wing Commander Ralston undertook his 83rd sortie when he led a formation of bomber aircraft in an operation against rail targets at Trien and Ehrang, Germany. The operation demanded a high degree of skill and involved a flight far into enemy territory, in bad weather and at low altitude. On crossing the enemy coast line the bombers were hotly engaged. Despite this, formation was maintained and the aircraft flew on through heavy rainstorms and poor visibility, frequently at a height of only 50 feet, to reach the target, bomb it and obtain photographs. By his brilliant leadership, exceptional skill and determination, Wing Commander Ralston contributed in a large measure to the- success of the operation. Throughout his operational career this officer has set an example of the highest order. Undeterred by the fiercest opposition he has invariably pressed home his attacks with great vigour. His unswerving devotion to duty and heroic endeavours have set a standard beyond praise.

    Air Force Cross 8th June, 1944
    Acting Wing Commander Joseph Roy George RALSTON, D.S.O., D.F.M. (47650), Royal Air Force.


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    Another 105 lad. Will see what I can find on him tonight.

    Phenomenal posts, Kyt. Well done.
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    Thanks for the contribution Andy.

    Isn't Kyt incredible? In P.M.'s with him I have been calling him "The Font"
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    Careful, DL, they'll have to demolish a wall at Kyt's place to get his head out so he can go down the shops! LOL, but yes, knowing where to find info when researching is a valuable tool. So is having a broad but detailed knowledge in the first place. Having both, as Kyt does, makes us very lucky to have him happy to help.
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    A pat on the back and a round of applause for Kyt.

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    Cheers guys but save the congrats until I've finished. I have a feeling that it could get harder soon.
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    And your still up at this time of night? Get some rest Kyt there's research to do!
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    Yeah, the engineering officers and the like might prove interesting. I've been wondering about them too.
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    Wg.-Cdr. K. H. Burns, DSO, DSC

    Kenneth Holstead BURNS

    F/O 27th Mar. 1940
    F/L 27th Mar. 1941.
    S/L 28th Sept. 1943

    CO 7 Squadron 5th June 1945 to 21st Jan 1946

    As Squadron Leader (permanent) Kenneth Halstead BURNS, D.S.O., D.F.C. (40340).1st Oct. 1948 (seniority 1th Feb. 1948) (and transferred to the Secretarial Branch on appointment).

    Squadron Leader K. H. BURNS, D.S.O., D.F.C. (40340) to the Equipment Branch retaining his existing rank and seniority. 18th Aug. 1949.

    W/C 1st July 1957
    W/C. K. H. Burns to No. 3 M.U., for administrative duties

    Retirement Wing Commanders K. H. BURNS, D.S.O., D.F.C. (40340). 29th
    June 1961.

    Distinguished Flying Cross. 12 February 1943
    Flight Lieutenant Kenneth Halstead BURNS (40340), No. 61 Squadron.

    Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross
    Squadron Leader Kenneth Holstead BURNS, D.F.C. (40340), Reserve of Air Force Officers, No. 97 Squadron.
    One night in May, 1943, this officer captained an aircraft -detailed to attack Dortmund. Although on the outward flight, i engine in the aircraft became unserviceable, Squadron Leader Burns continued to the target and bombed it. A few nights later, he took part in an attack on a target in Czechoslovakia. Whilst still some 200 miles from the target his aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire. The airspeed indicator was rendered unserviceable but Squadron Leader Burns flew on to the target where he executed a vigorous attack. On both occasions, this officer displayed great skill and determination.

    Distinguished Service Order. 21 September 1943
    Acting Wing Commander Kenneth Holstead BURNS, D.F.C. (40340), Reserve of Air Force Officers, No. 97 Squadron.
    This officer has participated in a large number of sorties, involving attacks on dock installations and industrial centres in Germany and important targets in Italy His efforts throughout have been characterised by an inflexible determination to achieve success. On more than one occasion his aircraft has been damaged by enemy action but each time his persistence and skill have enabled him to reach and bomb his target. Wing Commander Burns has displayed high qualities of leadership, courage and devotion to duty.

    He seems to have had quite a career:

    Lancaster JA916 97 Squadron 31 August / 1 September 1943 on mission to Berlin

    T/O 2037 from Bourn. Shot down by a night-fighter, exploded and crashed in the target area. W/C Burns, who lost a hand in the action, and P/O McAvoy had previously served with No.61 Sqdn, W/C Burns was repatriated in September 1944, but after being fitted with an artificial hand resumed his flying career.

    W/C K H Burns DSO DFC PoW
    P/O E G Dolby DFC RCAF KIA
    P/O J K McAvoy DFM RCAF PoW
    P/O J Keddie DFM PoW
    W/O R J Williams PoW
    W/O E H Skinner PoW
    W/O O Lambert DFM KIA

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