Benedictine brother (Landsturmmann) Theophil Wigbert Hattig

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    I have been researching Franciscan Brothers and Priests for my Honour Roll ... thankfully they all came home ... but I came across this German Brother who didn't go home ..... and felt I had to acknowledge him ..... RIP Br. Wigbert (Theophil) Hattig

    ( The famous German artist Kathe Kollwitz created the widely known statues Trauerndes Elternpaar (Mourning parents) in memory of her son Peter who was killed in action and buried at Vladslo in 1914. 25,644 German soldiers, killed in WWI, are buried here )

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    And here is his friend - Brother Otto RIP


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    Landsturmmann was one of several designations of a soldier, equivalent to Private, in the Reserves of the German Armies.

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