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    Hello all, I just wanted to share the website for the battleship I served on during it's last years in service. I was on-board the USS Wisconsin during Desert Shield/Storm in the early 90's. Thanks to historian and former shipmate Dom Menta who served on the "Whisky" in the 50's, there is now not only a website but a Nauticus (Maritime Museum website: museum of the ship located in Norfolk, VA.

    The ships website with hundreds of pictures from all eras is at
    If you scroll through the pages and go to "members", "1980's-1990's", then to "R-Z" ( Roster/1980's-1990's Crewmembers/80's-90's_R-Z.htm) I am Ernest Rubottom in the list....just for proof.

    Otherwise, the pictures there are plenty with tons of war and peacetime photos to go around. I did contribute a picture from my time on-board at www.'s-1990's.htm and go to page 5, the picture I submitted is of me and is #625 on the list.

    Anyway, my intent is to just share the website and it's contents. Have a look around and let me know what you think. Enjoy!!

    Erny Rubottom

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