Battle of Pelham

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    For anyone who might want to read accounts of this battle/"skirmish", there are some primary and secondary sources extracted at Pelham's historian's website: Apparently, each New York town has an official historian by law; the guy who is Pelham's is doing a great job, at least in using the Web to promote his office.

    Here's some Battle of Pelham- and Revolution-specific posts on his blog: (Extract of October 23, 1776 Letter Describing British Troops in Eastchester After the Battle of Pelham on October 18, 1776) (An Account of Operations in the "Neutral Ground" that Included the Area in and Around Pelham During the Revolutionary War) (An Account of the October 18, 1776 Battle of Pelham and the "Grand Review" that Followed It, Published in 1897)

    If this seems interesting, there are several more Battle of Pelham entries you can search for on the site.
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    I forgot to highlight an important news item on Historic Pelham. Forgive me if it's already mentioned somewhere else on our forum: (Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site Opens New Exhibition: "Overlooked Hero: John Glover and the American Revolution")

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