Battalion Organisation during WW2

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    Each section contains an examination of the officially authorised Battalion structures for the Infantry, Motorised and Airborne formations deployed, plus some specialist units. There is also a brief look at the Divisional formations in which they served.
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    Very interesting website. Where do you get them all from?
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    By doing absolutely no work and a lot of googling over the last couple of years :p
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    I must try that some time!
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    Interesting site with some good info. Just goes to show how bad the manpower situation was in June 1944. The site says that a rifle company at the time should consist of 5 officers and 122 men. By 14th June 1944. 5th Camerons had to reduce their rifle companies strength to an average of 60 men. Later in 1944 they would have to dis-band one of their companies to keep three companies at minimum fighting strength, what ever minimum strength is? any ideas on Minimum strength?

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