Basil the Embroidered

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    This man led quite a life I think !! :)

    The Archduke Wilhelm was born on 10 February 1895, in Pola. He was the third son of Archduke Karl Stefan, who was the chief candidate to be King of Poland from 1915-1918. Apparently, Archduke Wilhelm ended his studies at the Maria Theresa Military Academy to become an officer in the Ulanenregiment Nr. 13 in 1915. Toward the end of WWI, he commanded a brigade of the "Ukrainische Legion" which consisted of Ruthenes from Galicia, by mid-1918, its name was changed to the "Ukrainian Sich Rifles" as an historic link to the proud Sich cossacks of the hetman days before the Russian suppression 150 years earlier.

    During this period, he became known as Vasily Vyshyvaniy (Vasyl Vyshyvany, Vyshyvannyi, Wyschiwanni, and other spellings), "Basil the Embroidered," to his friends and supporters, and he spoke fluent Ukrainian and had intimate knowledge of the Ruthenes' culture. After the war, he took Vyshyvaniy as his personal name, dropping his Habsburg affiliation all together.

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