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    I've read a little on the man, and it appears he was formerly a Captain in one of the Prussian units. As most of you are undoubtedly aware, that region (which was not a unified Germany yet) was known for creating mercenary units. In other words, he could have easily ended up fighting on the other side, but he was asked to leave.

    He offered his services to other armies, but was refused. Then he came to the US and presented himself to Congress, embellishing his resume somewhat. They commissioned him a Major General and sent him to Valley Forge to help Washington train the Army.

    Now to my question: The rumor was that his services were refused in several armies because he was known to take "liberties with young boys," as one author put it. Does anyone know if there is any evidence to that fact or was it something of a smear campaign from a political adversary?
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    ^^^ Ummm...yeah, it was the title of the thread, plus the link didn't answer the question.
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    I knew the answer wasn't there, instead I just wanted to confirm the name!
    Any way,I think it was a propaganda by Wisconsin's LGBT Community.
    But these things never ever enriched the Military history.
    Anyway, Oct'11, 2011, in Wisconsin Gazette, an article for the 'National G*y History Month', written by V A Brownsworth mentioned the Winsconsin's LGBT Community's propaganda of a letter written by Benjamin circa 1775, " .... von Steuben(45yrs) arrived here with his French lover P E Duponceau(17yrs).... "
    It was entitled in Wiscon-Gzt as ' G*y military strategiest key to Washington's victory over British ' .
    Thats it ..

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