Band of Brothers

Discussion in 'Books and Films' started by Nostalgair, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Kyt'll be chuckling to himself while surrounded by teetering piles of books. Cross him with an octopus and he'd be even more of a referencing machine.
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    to quote, start whatever you wish to enclose with
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    Cross me with an octopus and I'd be a very happy boy - but having a skivvy to find and fetch the books I want would be even better.
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    There's a place for them, Kyt, that's for sure. Rather than being seen as an anorak, I would prefer something like a "history preserver"! A fine balance between detail and not alienating people is how you get your point across and that's what this forum is all about.
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    Thanks for the IT advice, one and all.

    I'll try to nail it next time.


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    My book of 'Band of Brothers' came thru the post today and the missus and I are currently watching it thru the next few weeks. This is second time round for me and it's better than I remember. It'll be interesting to see how the book compares.
    I got it on blu-ray and the picture while they grained it up in post production looks fantastic.
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    I watched some of there movies I always liked it. I watched like 3 movies of them not to long ago. So yeah I liked it.:)
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    My two pennies worth is that BoBros is frankly outstanding. Realistic, empathic, emotive. I've talked to many of the vets who didn't have any major complaints about the portrayal. My prejudice, stemming from the fact that I like the film-makers' responsibility and excellence, is that I've have the great pleasure of meeting many of the Easy Company men, including my hometown's number one son, Major Winters. He talked about the series in a positive vein as a backdrop to a seminar he was delivering at the time related to "leadership," which he kindly presented at the local library. While the tenor of the series is exceptional, it also caught the characters of the men. I look forward to a possible "Pacific" series with great relish......

  10. I received this same boxed set several years ago at Christmas. I would highly suggest that anyone who owns this set watch the documentary (on the last disk) before watching the series. The real, living men are featured and you get to know them; this fleshes out the characters much as is done in the book, so you know and enjoy their story more.

    As far as showing how America won the war alone, I don't think it attempts that at all. It's a story of one Company in one Battalion in one Regiment in one Division. Admittedly, they were from an elite unit, but if you've read the book, its overall theme is the whole unity and brotherhood of this unit which has held for all these years, hence the title.

    In short... watch the documentary about the men of Easy Company before you watch the series.
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    I get the same feeling. It's a snapshot of war from a tiny perspective. I don't see it as America winning the war.

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