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    After all of the news concerning the killing of Bin Ladin by seal team member Robert O'Neill this last couple of weeks I have put a little thought about Bagdadhi and his future. I cannot really figure out why he is still hanging around and not dead like bin Ladin.
    I know of the edict of Jimmy Carter stated that the heads of countries were off limits in regard to assassination but is Bagdadhi really the head of a country? Has the world said yes to his proclamation that ISIS is a sovereign country? If so then I kind of understand the problem. But, with this last beheading of another American I think it just might be the right thing to put a couple between the eyes of this guy. Maybe he is invincible. He has been wounded a couple of times in bombing attempts, but he, like a bad dinner, keeps coming back up.
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    It sounds like the US has been trying to take him out with air strikes. Of course he is going to be pretty secretive about his location, and not every air strike is completely successful. I think it's just a matter of time before he is killed though, there are so many who want to get rid of him.
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    The US will not have to eliminate ISIS/ISIL. Bagdadhi has claimed to be the one true Caliph. Then it was reported last week that he has turned his attention towards Saudi Arabia. That will make the House of Saud rise to the occasion, finally. The entire Saudi peninsula rise against the ISIS/ISIL threat. They have been sitting down on the job watching the Kurds, US and Europeans struggle against the ISIS/ISIL threat.

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