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Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by spidge, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Hi John,

    Is this one of your interests, POW's i mean?

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    Not particularly, although I have a fairly avid interest in Australian history and our prison camps were part of that history.

    I found this stuff when reading up on the Sydney Kormoran battle, now that, I do find interesting.
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    Being a Brit i don't know anything of this battle, don't suppose you'd like to write a summary of the events so i could get up to date with what happened would you?

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    There's actually a page on this forum dealing with the battle.
    HMAS Sydney

    Basically, Kormoran ( a German commerce raider) encountered HMAS Sydney (modified Leander class light cruiser) about 150 miles off the western Australian coastline. Sydney approached and demanded Kormoran ( then disguised as a Dutch ship) to identify itself. A fierce battle ensured, at very close range, resulting in Sydney being lost with all hands. About 80% of the German crew either made it to the coast or were picked up by ships from lifeboats.

    There's been a couple of investigations and the wrecks of both ships were found a few years ago in very deep water.

    There's been a number of conspiracy theories put forward over the years, from the very plausible, to the bizarre, there's also a number of things in the "official" story which just don't add up.

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