Australians in the Vietnam War 1962–75

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    This is a site that is worthwhile looking at.

    As usual the OZ powers that be are reluctant to recognise outstanding service. What is up with our Pollies?


    Hope you think it's worthwhile.

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    Excellent link, GW. I was aware of Cooper's service but not the extent of it. Am trying to place the Spit Mk XIV he owned as well!
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    Ah, the Randal MacFarlane bird. Have seen mention of it on Warbirdz. He recently flew an A-26 from the US to Oz and plans to repaint her in Korean War colours with appropriate noseart.
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    I have been watching this thread for a while and have decided to add to it.

    During my service in the U. S. Army I did a tour in Vietnam from June '69 to June'70. I was in an aviation unit at Phu Loi and was a crew chief/door gunner on Hueys and Chinooks.

    On my off duty hours I used to run the camp's movie projector. I had to sign for said projector on a weekly basis from another unit at Ben Hoa airbase which is just outside of Saigon, a 20 mile trip.

    This was a real pain as I had to physically take the projector with me, sign for it and take it back again. No mean feat as it was the size of a small suitcase and weighed a bunch. However this was alleviated by the fact that I had a whole day to enjoy all that Saigon had to offer!

    During one of my trips I befriended an Army photographer and swapped with him an AK 47 for some 200 official U.S. Army photographs. Some of these are of Australians and I include them here.

    I only saw Australians once when I was in Vietnam and that was in a bar at Ton Sun Nut.
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    Members of the 3rd. Calvary Regiment, 1st. Australian Task Force. The photograph was taken 10 miles south of Ben Glia on 6th. August 1969.

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    A medic from 1st Australian Task Force administers a shot to an elderly Vietnamese man.

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    U.S. Army's General Ewell and senior Australian officer Pearson. I'm not too sure of Pearson's rank, perhaps someone will be kind enough to clarify that for me.

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    In the rank of soilders behind Pearson at the microphone can be seen members of both the American and Australian military.

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    Great photos, thanks David.

    Also, regarding Garry Cooper, he was later a 747 pilot with Ansett. Garry's book, "Sock it to 'em Baby" details his time as a Forward Air Controller and was published by Allen & Unwin. It's a very good read.

    View attachment 1926


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    A guess only!
    Name: Cedric Maudsley Ingram Pearson DSO
    Service No: 3163
    Service: Army
    Date Of Birth: 24/08/1918
    Rank: Brigadier
    Place Of Birth: Kurri Kurri NSW Australia
    Corps: Australian Staff Corps
    National Service:No
    Your Feedback
    Honour(s) Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
    Summary of Unit Name(s)Start DateEnd Date Official Duty (from Headquarters, Australian Army Force FARELF) 28/03/1967 01/04/1967 Official Duty (from Army Headquarters, Canberra) 27/08/1968 31/08/1968 Headquarters, 1st Australian Task Force 15/10/1968 01/09/1969

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    Yes indeed, as an American Charlie model gunship gunner, I know quite well of the Aussie prowess regarding combat helicopter missions in Vietnam. I often refer to all of our allies in country and what was amazing about each. One of the replies was a little bitter in that, yes, you really do not hear a whole lot about other forces other than U.S. forces for a simple reason. American soldiers tell of Ameican projects, Aussies theirs, the South Koreans, Turks, U.K., etc all have stories to tell and well worth hearing and reading. I, as an American, cannot tell the story of an Aussie for instance because I only flew beside them on a couple of occasions. Beyond getting loaded with a bunch at the 2nd field force club in Bien Hoa I didn't have but the couple of occasions to fight with them.
    I still think back and tell of the way the Aussie pilots took off from a refueling station. Pretty much close to 90 degrees, or full collective for the informed, up while pinning the cyclic forward. Or so it seemed to me. I hoped beyond hope that my AC nor Peter Pilot would not try it.
    Other than the affore mentioned incidents, I have little knowledge about most of the missions of other great forces in the Nam.
    We all lost someone, whether friends, family, or even ourselves. I wish the other half of me would come home some day, or just forget for a while.

    Maybe the reason you read more about Americans in the Nam is maybe we Americans sit on our butts more and write this stuff.
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