Australian school military display

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  1. Hi, we have a display of Australian military that we take to local schools. We will be putting up some pics for you to see over the Christmas break. Some of our items are reproduction, we will always note this in descriptions. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. Shane & Sherie
  2. "Sometimes you couldn't see it, couldn't even smell the stuff"
    British Gas Protection Equipment.

    1942 Gas Rattle Alarm
    1939 Gas Mask 1941 Filter
    1942 Mkvii Gas Mask Bag
    No.2 Ant-Gas Ointment
    Ant-Dimming Cloth And Paste

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  3. "Don't worry lad, the Boss knows where we are......"
    Compass, Map Case And Trench Map

    1918 MkIX Verners Pattern Marching Compass
    WW2 Australian Hemp Lanyard
    1943 Australian Artillery Map Case
    1918 Trench Map (Reproduction)

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  4. "Get something down yer throat while ya can boys"
    Mess Tin, Water Bottle, Reproduction Food

    WW1 'D' Shaped Mess Tin
    WW1 Blue Enamel Water Bottle With Felt Cover And Cork
    Hard Tack Biscuit (Reproduction)
    WW1 Tinned Food (Reproduction)
    WW2 Australian Enamel Cup

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  5. "Keep that lid on ya head son"
    Covered Head To Toe

    1942 Mkii Brodie Helmet With Early War Chinstrap
    1945 Australian Military Boots

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  6. "May God protect you and bring you home safe" Princess Mary, 1914
    Princess Mary Tin And Cigarettes

    Princess Mary Tin
    WW1 Gallagher's Park Drive Cigarettes Pack
    WW2 Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes Pack

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    Very nice collection thank you for sharing the pictures!

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