Australian communist Traitor in Korean war

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    Good day

    Much of this information come from the Australians in the Korean War; Combat operations 1950 to 1953.

    Its about a communist Australian, Wilfred Burchett who most Aussie and other UN Korean war Vets, most especially POWs refer to as a traitor.
    In the 1960's and 70's and onwards Australian communists and far left wingers including his son attempted to turn him into a hero, by saying he was a correspondent who reported from the other side (the communist side). He like most other members was a 'secret member' of the Australian communist party.
    He tried to bribe United Nation's Korean war POWs with promises of food, medical help and less hard handling by the Chinese communist and North Korean POW Guards. He said that if they behaved and accept the CCF way of doing things as well as giving Intell he could help them out with the above and other fake promises. He wore a Chinese communist officers uniform with out rank insignias. Burchett also promised bad things will happen to the POW's if the POW's did not do what he and the CCF wanted.
    Please read the attachments they come from offical history Australia in the Korean war.

    Their is much info about this person. Much is written by his very small and probably ignorant band of supporters. Many others who feel Burchett is a traitor would like to give all the REAL DETAILS about this man.

    He should of been arrested on return to Australia, (and though this is hard) he should not of been allowed into OZ for his fathers funeral. He was given a new passport during the 1970's by a Australian Labour Govt which was probably under pressure from the Far Left and Communist members of the labour party of Australia in mid 1970's
    His son is writing much rubbish trying to maintain the myth of him being a Aussie reporting from the other side of the hill's, in Korea and apparently Viet Nam where he came in contact with a number of USA POW's and did absolutely nothing to help them again he promised all sorts of lies if they did what was wanted from them or gave up Intell etc. This was done in a very similar way to his traitorous work in Korea, working on men who were probably at their lowest point of their lives.

    He also was mixed up with Khmer Rouge including Pol Pot and others of power in Cambodia at early part of 1970's when the Khmer Rouge took power and ruined their country. What I have posted is but a short write up of his actions in Korea. More links to this despicable character can be found, some send a fake positive message glossing over his crimes, while many others are truthful and show what he had done during 1943 to 1975.

    Burchett page 1.jpg Burchett 2.jpg Burchett 3.jpg Burchett4.jpg Burchett5.jpg
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    Thanks for any help with resizing the links.
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    Nice! I like these weird stories. They always fascinate me, especially when I hear about people changing sides. What could bring a man to change sides in a war? That's a very fascinating question.

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