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    I'm developing a history of the Australian 6th Div, 2/1st Field Company RAE who served in Benghazi - Dec 1940-Jan 1941, Greece and Crete - Apr 1941-Jun 1941.
    My father, Lawrence ('Darby') Murray (NX3560) enlisted in the 2/1st in Sept 1939 and was later captured on Crete in May 1941 to spend the rest of the war in Stalag XIIIC near Hammelburg, Germany.
    The history is a pilot educational project being developed for the new interactive website of the Royal Australian Engineers Foundation. An integral part of the project is the collection of the personal histories and experiences of the 2/1st including photographs, records and photos of memorabilia either from surviving members and/or their family members.
    I would greatly appreciate any contacts or readers of this post passing it onto anyone who may assist with this project.
    I can be contacted directly through my email

    With thanks
    Stephen C Murray

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