Aussie WWII DVDs for $5

Discussion in 'Books and Films' started by Nostalgair, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Nostalgair

    Nostalgair New Member

    Hi All,

    Sorry, but this is probably only applicable to the Aussies.

    I was just at "Big W" and they had a series of documentary DVDs for sale relating to WWII and the likes. I picked up 'Nagasaki/Hiroshima', 'Divide and Conquer' (the war in Europe) and 'The Korean War'.

    I haven't watched them and can't vouch for the content, but they were only $5 each. Worth a bet I'd say.


  2. spidge

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    Off to Epping to see what they have got left! Hope Victoria is the same as NSW.



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