August 17, 1938

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    Okay, this is strange but true...

    My dad was in World War II, on August 17, 1938, his parents both passed away, in what I told was a "Tanker," incident.

    This is the same day that all Jewish people had to add Israel or Sara to their middle name during the Holocaust.

    The couple lived in Tarrant County, and I can find no such incident.

    My mother had told me about grandparents immigrating. My dad has no records online that can be found other than a Death certificate.

    Delton Virgil Wiggins (if anyone happens to have known him...)

    I didn't know him well as he went into nursing, rehab, when I was but 2 years old.

    There was also a Wiggins that escaped from Alcatraz that was born the same year as my father.

    Interesting Trivia but what woud you make of this?

    Thank you, there are death certifiates for his parents - Minnie and Author Daniel Wiggins.

    In closing, I am hopeful that we can deal w/the current threats to our existence without a sequel to this one.

    Much Love -
    S. Shotwell (Wiggins-Maiden)
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    There is a David Wiggins connected with the Minnesota Historical Society.
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    That's real interesting. I always like those little trivias that are a real coincidence. Thanks for sharing!

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