Assyrian Paratroopers

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    Assyrian Paratroopers in Albania and Greece |

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    What a great read (part 1). Thanks Kyt.

    More of those unsung units getting the recognition they deserve and we like to see!
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    Were the RAF Regiment involved with the RAF Levies?
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    Hi Airborne,

    sorry about the late reply but I missed your post. The Levies had similar duties as the Regiment, specifically guarding airfields in Iraq ( a role carried out by the Regiment elsewhere). However, though they were both under RAF control, the two were seperate entities. But as the war progressed, and the demands for the Regiment to used elsewhere, the Levies were brought in to supplement/replace them elsewhere in the Midddle East.

    So, one could say that in that region they were parallel RAF units, carrying out the same duties.

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