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    Hi guys, I'm currently writing an extended essay on Case Yellow, and I really need some historiography (My arch nemesis) So I was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of any articles you may have recently read or seen about Case Yellow (Luftwaffe operations would be preferable)
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    How good is your German language? The US Army (?) has produced an extensive published collection of bibliographies of extracts of microfilmed preserved documents which were captured from the Germans during and after WWII. Included are unit war-diaries or histories, for various units, including Luftwaffe. As I understand, they are mostly untranslated.
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    Oh, ask your local professional librarian how to find these reference documents. If he/she does not know, ask who would know. If the librarian is worth their salt they should be able to direct you in your search.
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    Oh, you also should look for the files of Fremde Herre West. This was the OKW unit which maintained Order of Battle information and other Intelligence on nations to their west. This will allow you to understand what the Germans knew and when they knew it.
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    You may look into Die Schlacht von Frankreich (Fall Gelb) reports, and as far as my knowledge goes, reports of Ernst Udet as well as Kesselring's are important.
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